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Special productions

Special productions

The development of our production department during these years, has allowed the offer growth and the availability of tasker wide range of products, that comprehends more than 1000 different types of cables, all available on stock, ready to be delivered and always able to satisfy the various market requests.

Beyond the standard production tasker® is able to project and realize cables on demand and according to special needs; the MOQ starts from about 2000 or 3000 mt according to the type of cable, with throughput time of no more than 30/40 working days.

Special production of extra-flex or hybrid cables: made of different elements, as for instance with one or more Video, Audio, Data or Power elements.
The insulation can be in: Flame Retardant, Halogen Free, Anti-oil, Anti-friction etc.

Cables suitable for extreme weather or temperatures, for outer or submerged applications, geological surveys, nautical installations, for industrial handling, armed and/or suitable for underground laying.

The cables of our standard range can often suggest the combination or the eventual tweaks for the project of the new special cables.

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For further information and/or special requests send an e-mail to our technical dept. tecnico@tasker.it, we will be at your complete disposal to make your own cable!